$100 Wiper Blades

Here is the short story of $100 wipers.

I tell a male friend today, that I need new wipers. I also jokingly mention that these types of moments are the ONLY times lately that I don’t like being single. (As a side note the other times on the list are when my back itches or when I have already taken my bra off and need something from the store.)

wiper meme 2.jpg
Said friend makes fun of me and says “wow as strong, independent and feisty as you are, I would think wipers couldn’t defeat you”  Well….when you put it that way…..

I buy wipers, $54 wipers (not sure when I even bought wipers last, but that would’ve bought a great pair of shoes!!). I refuse assistance in installing them. Because, have you met me? I’m tough. And resourceful. And S T U B B O R N. Soooo the quickest way to get me to do something is to tell me that I can’t.

I kill it on installing them myself. Psh, that wasn’t hard at all…..or so I thought
Since I’m in such a car care mood, I go to the fancy new automated car wash (and believe me, it is FANCY). I am making a lot of trips to Little Rock with this brain tumor fight and want to be sure my car is going to take care of me.

wiper meme.jpg

Turns out, the only thing I killed in wiper installation, was the wipers themselves. Didn’t lock them apparently. They flew off in the car wash. 🤦🏼‍♀️

wiper meme 3.jpeg

Back to the store I go. I buy new wipers….another $54……..because I know if I wait til tomorrow, Mother Nature will send a monsoon my way (because her and I are not the best of friends). I did not, however, go back to the same parts store. I went to the one down the road. I’m way too proud to admit defeat. They don’t have my size in stock (sounds like m trips toVictoria’s Secret). I end up back where I started. Where the sweet guy who originally helped me simply says “I knew a girl like you once. She sure was a firecracker. But she sure took the long way around more often than she should have”

When did auto parts guys also become psychologists?

I happily let the gentleman install the new wipers for me.

Moral of the story: Don’t be stubborn and always trying to prove a point. Sometimes there isn’t even a point to prove. All that would’ve come out of me actually doing the wipers correctly, would’ve been a post on Facebook. I think any of my Facebook friends will tell you that’s the last thing anyone needs…another random post from Alicia.
Ask for help. Don’t always feed your weaknesses. There are people to fill in the gaps. Be resourceful enough to use them, so you have more time to be good at what you’re good at.

Tell your friends to suck it, if you need to. And take your extra $50 and treat yourself 😝

P.S. I now also know that wipers are much cheaper at Walmart 🙄

Stubbornness Counts

One of my favorite little surprises in my new little book was this page that said “Stubbornness Counts”. I chuckled when I first read it. I am one of the most stubborn people I know. Hands down it is in the top three characteristics that make up “Alicia Fancy Pants”. And it is quite possibly the number 1 reason I stay single. 🙂

My stubbornness has always been explained to me as a hinderence. If I could just be less stubborn, I would get this or that or this situation would be much easier on me. For the most part, there is quite a bit of truth to that. I can look back on many situations and see where my stubbornness created unnecessary hurdles for myself. Even my parents tell me for as far back as they can remember and before I could even speak, I was stubborn. When I came across this picture I felt like it was almost validating me to some extent in that moment. I am not in the best place I have ever been right now. If I were being completely transparent I would tell you that I’m tired. Overwhelmed. Out of those strong emotions has come a heavier than normal dose of stubborn lately. But in a way that I think was long overdue. I am finally demanding more for myself in the dating world and although currently it has left me with “nobody on the list” of potential suitors (when normally there are 2 or 3 at a time), I’m ok with that. I feel stronger.

Who knew a little crab on a picture labeled as “Stubbornness Counts” would make me realize that stubborn isn’t always bad. If I look back on the times where stubborn has been the major factor in my situations, there are more times than not that I’m glad it was present.

Had I not been stubborn and dead set on “truth”, I would have went back to the abusive situation I escaped. I would have fallen for the lies to get me back and I would have ended up caught in a cycle that I might not have ever been able to break free from.

Had I not been stubborn with a guy who apparently only wants to see me when he is in town on business, I would’ve ended up in his hotel room late at night which probably would’ve lead to mountains of guilt in the following days for allowing him to think my only value is late at night when it’s convenient for him.

Had I not been stubborn in pursuing something bigger for myself, I would still be married, on a farm, in a two bedroom concrete house with no identity other than what my mother-in-law allowed.

Had I not been stubborn and stood up for myself in my evaluation at my last job, I would have still been labeled as something I am not and still been miserable working under someone who got enjoyment out of belittling me daily.

The list goes on. But more times than not, my stubbornness has counted for the better. I’m happy with that. It doesn’t always make things as easy as they probably could be. It doesn’t always make me popular in the least. It even annoys me sometimes. But, it was given to me for a reason and I gladly wear it as part of my daily armor. For that, I will never apologize.

What’s a trait you have that you have been viewing as bad when it could be the best part of your daily armor?