Broken baby maker……

Sometimes I have so much running through my head that I get overwhelmed with where to even start to blog it all 🙂  So I just don’t.  And before I know it, a few months has passed since my last post.  THEN, I come across someone else’s blog that makes me wonder if they have been secretly camping out in my head and recording my thoughts for me.

That was the case when I came across this jewel of a blog (see link below to read for yourself).  🙂  It’s a great read.  Not only for anyone who might struggle with this issue but also for those who watch others struggle and aren’t sure how to look at the situation.  She says exactly what I think about it 🙂

I literally just had this convo with a coworker earlier yesterday about my struggles when I hear the mistreatment of a child and would give anything to have one……but….I literally hope and pray daily that I will never have to stand before God and ask him “why not me”….because my hope is that I see the purpose in not being able to have children and fulfill that purpose that was intended for me thus completely voiding the need for him to explain himself to me 
So, I get up daily, seeking that purpose….and loving on any kid that comes my way. Maybe that’s all I’m supposed to do. Maybe I am supposed to love on so many that having one of my own would’ve distracted me from that  Isaiah 55:12

Thank you Natasha for sharing your spirit with us!!!  Click here to read!

P.S.  Look at all these ca-uuuuuutttteee kids I already get to love on any time I want!!! 🙂  Who wouldn’t be happy with that??

kid collage

Single Girl Super Bowl Observations

I just thought i would share observations of the super bowl from a single girl perspective. Ok, maybe the observations aren’t just because I am single but I doubt that any of these points will be brought up by any sports anchors 🙂

1. I barely know all the ins and outs of football. But i do know that a score of 29-0 in the 3rd quarter does not provide good odds for the team with zero to have a chance.

2. I seriously dread the gazillion analyzations and interviews that will follow trying to figure out what the heck happened to Denver. I still love you Peyton. You and your family are good people. I would love it if he didn’t answer to anyone.

3. There should be a commercial committee that turns down lame commercials. If you can’t bring something completely epic to the table, go home. For example, the Jordache commercial. I certainly hope they get a good return on the money they spent to run their commercial three times. Speaking of that, NO COMMERCIAL should be repeated during the Super bowl. Ever. It’s the one day that people will actually watch them so it is Fox networking fail not to fill every slot with a new commercial.

4. Due to “snowmageddon” round 2, I was unable to leave my house for a party. Now I have entirely too much dip for one person. I do not however have too much beer and am secretly glad that I am not sharing that. Neither of these scenarios are worth devastating my calorie counter app over.

5. The National Anthem. I should probably be ashamed that I don’t appreciate the way it was done by what I am sure is an amazing person. But I just felt like it was too fancy for a crowd that are shoving hot dogs and beer down their throats all while huge men will be fighting over a ball two minutes after her performance is over.

6. Best part of this whole night? JACK IS BACK! That’s right! Jack Bauer is coming back. I should probably start preparing the new friends I have met since he left us. They will see a side of me that I am not sure they are ready for. Technically this should be number one on this post but it should just be a given that no matter the placement on a list, Jack is ALWAYS number one. I have actually been texting with a new friend who is unaware of 24 or Jack and I think he thinks that I am kidding about unfriending him. I am not kidding. I am so fairly certain that 95% of anything I post socially from this point forward wi be about Jack Bauer.

7. Even if you hate Bruno and his music, the halftime show was good. There were no wardrobe malfunctions. Miley wasn’t twerking with her tongue out. Nobody was using it as a platform to shove their agendas down your throat. I don’t have to worry about explaining to my nieces what any words or movement means. It was a happy vibe. There really is nothing to complain about here. So just be nice. Some of you wouldn’t be happy no matter who was up there.

8. The Seattle uniforms really are fashioned quite nicely.

9. I LOVE all the military attention given during commercials. Wouldn’t it be nice if we really gave them that much love and attention all the time?

10. I have told everyone I know, but it’s worth repeating. Do yourself a favor and try Butterfinger Cups. They are life changing. Trust me.

11. I almost forgot to mention Joe Nameth’s fur coat. I can’t hate him for boldly wearing it like he meant to or something. And I certainly hope that when I am his age, I am so confident in myself that I am willing to wear an oversized fur coat in front of the planet on national television. You go Joe.

12. I am not even remotely ashamed to admit that I would give my left arm (or both arms) to be the girl in the commercial with John Stamos. My. My. My. I would go through a uterus transplant to have his babies if I could. Too much?

13. I am a sucker for a bald man. Even if he is as d as Bruce Willis. If he was single, I would ask him to be my Valentine.

I almost feel like watching the game alone is as bad as being an old lady with cats. This game brings people together. But I doubt I would’ve been able to provide such great insight for you had I been distracted by a party 🙂

Happy Monday! Make it a great week!!!