The Break 2013

I couldn’t get everyone Christmas gifts that I wanted this year.  But, I think the following announcement will be a better gift to some of you than my money could buy! 🙂

Announcing, the Alicia Break 2013.  That’s right.  From the evening of 12/28 until I return to the country on 1/6……there will be no Alicia correspondence.  No Facebook, no Twitter, no email, voicemail, texting, sky ping, online dating, snap chat……..NOTHING.

Why you ask?  Because I made a very spontaneous decision (as in I didn’t decide until last Friday on an hour’s notice) to join a group headed to Guatemala for a mission trip!!!  And I could not be more excited!

You have to step outside of your world.  You have to do something bigger than you at least once in your life.  Even if that “bigger” is just down the street.  For me, in this instance, it’s another country to love on some kiddos at an orphanage.  But, that is actually perfect.  Ever since I had to have surgery that prevented me from having kids, I have envisioned myself using that as the chance to love on as many kids as I can and impact them as much as I can.  I feel like this is one small step in that direction 🙂

I cannot wait to get back and tell you all about it!  I also can’t wait to get back to more blogging.  This holiday break gave me just the time I needed to get a head start and my number one resolution for 2014 is to write more….whether anyone reads it or not! 🙂

Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!!  You all behave while I’m gone 🙂 Hop on over HERE on Facebook, like it, and leave me a note of love if you’d like.  Nothing would make me happier than to come home to lots of notes that I wasn’t forgotten about while I was gone 🙂

Farm la la la………

I have started a tradition with my nieces that every year around the holidays, I schedule a photo session complete with silliness, cute outfits, and memories that I hope they talk about long after I am gone.  Its my Christmas gift to my family and I am not sure if they truly appreciate it as much as I cherish it, but to me, pictures are worth more than a thousand words on any given day!  This year was the best ones we have had so far and I am already spending way too much time contemplating next year’s session and how on earth I could possibly top 2013.

That’s the feel good stuff.  The sap.  Then there is my insertion into the pics.  Not that I need to defend my presence in the pictures, because I don’t owe anybody that.  I do however want to share how it came to be for me and give you something to think about for your own self 🙂

After escaping a horribly abusive relationship in the summer of 2012, I wasn’t sure that I would ever recover.  Not only did it shake me to my core, and a place where I didn’t even recognize myself…….but it also destroyed what little self esteem I had worked so hard to find and live with.  I couldn’t stand to look at myself for a myriad of reasons that I will spare you of here.  What I do know is that once I started finally coming out of the dark so to speak, I honestly saw physical transformation as well as emotional transformation.  I was becoming someone I didn’t know, but thankfully someone better.

When you have been through something like that (or for me anyway) and you finally start to see light and peace, you want to do WHATEVER you can to hold on to it.  To document it, to capture it so that you never lose it again!  So, I did a photo session of me.  Often, things like that are thought of as vain.  But, when you evolve enough in life, you evolve to a place where a stigma such as that matters very little to you.  Actually, it doesn’t matter at all.  Because nobody knows you or what you went through and as I have said from the beginning, if you don’t love yourself, you are no good to anyone else.

Every year since (ok, so it’s only been 1 year), there seems to be something happening in my life that has caused major change.  And every single time, without fail, I see transformation.  Even when I think there isn’t room for it.  The simple recognizing of that in itself is amazing.  So, I decided to keep documenting.

I hop into the niece’s session because I want them to see that I was present.  Our family has a unique closeness, but at the same time, we aren’t too good at loving each other completely out loud.  I want them to see that differently and to change with me.  I also throw in a few shots of myself to remind me of my own journey and where I was at that time.

My point in justifying my fabulous new pics that truly captured me 🙂 is to tell you that it’s ok.  It’s ok to be present.  It’s ok to take a gazillion pictures and to document your life.  After all, some day when you’re gone it’s all that people will have of you.   It is not ok, however, to get the pictures back and destroy yourself in critiquing them.  Don’t do it.  I know you’re going to, I did too.  Then I made myself stop and remember why I do it, where I was, and where I am.  And that picture is worth more than a thousand words 🙂

Love yourself.  Document yourself.  Tell your own story so that you know it’s told right!

photo 1 photo 2

Breaking up the holidays

How my break up effected my Holidays…..and other Holiday ramblings……


Christmas thoughts…..

Christmas really is a wonderful time of the year isn’t it?  Who doesn’t love snow, Christmas decor, presents etc.  But there are a few things that swirl around in my head during this season that i thought I would share with planet earth.

Christmas lights….all or nothing.  Either rival the Griswalds or don’t do anything at all.  I have passed several houses with one strip of lights.  I don’t get it and I am sorry that you even spent time doing it.  Christmas lights are as exciting as fireworks and nobody gets excited over one firecracker that barely blows up 🙂

Dieting during the holidays – I am fairly certain it is easier to pass a bill in congress than to stay 100% to your healthy lifestyle during the holidays.  I admire those who can do it.  I just wish I was better at it.  But when your 90 year old granny makes a pecan pie and looks at you with those precious eyes and says “aren’t you going to have a piece of pie”…I, for one, am not going to be the person who says no to her and risk hurting her feelings…….would you? 🙂  My goal this year is to just keep moving during the holidays versus crashing on the couch after gorging myself.  Moderation and movement, that’s my theme.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes but if Oreo balls come into play, I cannot make any promises.

To this day, our family opens present in age order.  And even as an adult, I secretly am screaming at all those going before me to “hurry up” so I can tear into my gifts 🙂  The struggle is real.

I LOVE this Elf on the Shelf business.  I would gladly steal a kid during this season to be able to partake in Elf on the Shelf.

I don’t know about your family but my Christmas rule is that I take home “x” amount of liquor to visit and when that runs out, I’m coming home.  🙂  I love my family.  I love them even more when we are all cramped into a tiny space eating, laughing and I’ve had a few 🙂

I used to look forward to Christmas for epic gifts.  Now I mostly look forward to it in hopes that my nieces think I got them the best gift and they remember me for years to come and the fun times we had.

Black Friday is of the devil.  I don’t get it, I refuse to participate most of the time and if I do participate it is in the company of fun friends and solely to laugh at the chaos of the moment.  I took advantage of the Michael Kors outlet sale in 2012, and that is the only time I have ever thought black friday was worth it 🙂

I am dying to send out a Christmas card even though I’m single.  I have been too chicken in the past but have decided that in the future I am just doing it anyway!  One of my fav things to kick off the holiday season is to gather my favorite little people (the nieces) and dress them up for family pictures.  It’s complete chaos, they rarely cooperate, and I wonder when we are done if there is going to be one single pic that turns out.  But, they always do.  It always ends up being a blast and this year was the best yet!!  (see shamelessly shared pics from the session below)

What are your holiday quirks or traditions?

Fun on the farm :)farm-alicia099.jpglargethumb farm-alicia116.jpglargethumb

Cleaning out my head…..

When you have so much to say that you cant make a status out of it…..or you could but people would hate you for taking up their whole scroll screen….you blog.  Even though this whole revolution has been on hiatus….and the revolution itself is supposed to be aw inspiring us to be better women…….sometimes you just need to have a random chat with your girlfriends out there!  You know, like a pulse check just to see if the crazy randomness running around in your head is going on with anyone else.  so….here we go……

  • I feel like i should buy a honda just to help Michael Bolton out.  These commercials of him standing on a Honda singing in a plaid scarf are wearing me out.  It just makes me sad for him.  How did we go to the greatness of “How can we be lovers if we can’t be friends” to this?
  • Stop with the neon colored wrapping paper. That is not what christmas presents should be wrapped in.  I am trying to be ok with trees of crazy colors and decor, but nobody should go all “Lisa Frank” with the wrapping paper.
  • Recently I went with a group of girls to get a massage.  There were 4 of us.  Three of them got girls for their appts…..I got a guy.  But not just any guy.  Oh no…..I got the blind guy.  After helping him to our room, he advises me to put my shoes at the end of the bed and lay face down and he will be back in shortly.  I put my shoes at the end of the bed, but apparently it was the wrong end causing him to stumble.  As if we weren’t off to a bad enough start, I also laid face up and when he thought he was starting my massage on my back…..we both quickly realized I was in the wrong position.  Even more sad is that he apparently knew not because i was freaked out that he was touching my breasts, but because they aren’t as firm as my back he said.  Thank you for rubbing it in that my back is firmer than my newly saggy boobs.  After a very awkward 50 minutes, that craziness was over and I was reunited with my girlfriends who had a wonderful experience and were way more relaxed than myself.
  • Speaking of saggy boobs.  Out of all the aging that is going on in my body right now (wrinkles, gravity, smaller bladder, hot flashes, etc)…..the boob issue is by far the worse.  I’m not sure when my boobs went from firm to needing steel beams to hold them up but I am not a fan.  I used to not believe in plastic surgery but at this point, I’m not even sure where to start.  I know that I am definitely interested in a punch card program!
  • The new cowgirl show. That one that follows these girls around to rodeos while they ride horses in bikinis?…..yeah, no.  stop.  I am not kidding when I say if these reality shows get much more stupid, I’m gonna start doing all those things as a big girl and videoing it.  It’s not real.  Girls don’t ride horses with rock bodies in bikinis.
  • I really just wanna sit and talk to people. Whats a girl gotta do to get Barbara Walter’s position?  I have been caught up three times in the last week just coming across random people to talk to.  And they were all nice thankfully.  It makes my heart happy to hear people’s stories.
  • I recently got the pleasure of being the emcee at my company Christmas party’s gift exchange. I may or may not have used it to my advantage to say inappropriate things just to watch my boss squirm. Below are some quotes as captured by Miles.

“Thats classy. Steal from the bosses wife.”
“You have a choice. Alcohol. Meat. Gift cards. @adelmore not rocket science”
“Its Baileys. Put it in your coffee and call it a day. Whats the problem? @adelmore #mc #quote”
“I assure you that just because your husband picked the bag that said “ho ho ho” he meant nothing towards you Mary”

  • The more of these is see :)))))) The more i think of double chins. You arent smiling any bigger, you are just adding more chins

Well, do you feel as good as I do about getting all that out there? 🙂